Does including the full CVLT-II and BVMT-R improve BICAMS? Evidence from a Belgian (Dutch) validation study.

Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2017 Nov;18:33-40

Costers L, Gielen J, Eelen PL, Schependom JV, Laton J2, Remoortel AV, Vanzeir E, Wijmeersch BV, Seeldrayers P, Haelewyck MC, D'Haeseleer M, D'hooghe MB, Langdon D, Nagels G.



The Brief International Cognitive Assessment for Multiple Sclerosis (BICAMS) is a fast, easy-to-administer and already widely validated neuropsychological battery for cognition in multiple sclerosis.


The goals of our study were to validate the BICAMS in a Belgian Dutch-speaking population and to investigate to what extent including extensive versions of two of the three BICAMS subtests improved its psychometric qualities.


Ninety-seven persons with MS and ninety-seven healthy controls were included and group-matched on age, education level and gender. All participants performed the BICAMS with an extensive version of the CVLT-II and BVMT-R.


The SDMT and BVMT-R were able to dissociate between the MS and healthy control group, while the CVLT-II was not. Distributions of CVLT-II scores suggest learning effects in the MS group, indicating the need for alternative word lists or the construction of an adapted version fitted for repeated administration. Including the full CVLT-II and BVMT-R did not markedly improve the psychometric qualities of the BICAMS.


This study validates the BICAMS in a Belgian Dutch-speaking population and facilitates the use of it in clinical practice, while providing evidence that including full versions of the CVLT-II and BVMT-R does not increase its psychometric qualities markedly.